Doing It All?!


Summer is coming to an end and for my family that means that the craziness is about to start.  No more lazy days at home.  No, instead it means running my business and running the household while trying to juggle the kids schedules.  For my son that means baseball, piano lessons, swim lessons once baseball is done, and, of course, school.  For my daughter that means school, violin lessons (luckily that's during school!), swim team, dance, and soccer.   I feel like these days moms and dads are pressured (either by themselves or by society) to be able to do it all.  I'll be honest, it makes my head spin when I think about "Doing It All!"  Inevitably something falls by the wayside and then the guilt piles up.  I recently read a great blog post about this subject by 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, and 1 Old House:  I think it's a perfect read right before the craziness of school starts.  It served as a great reminder to me that us moms and dads don't need to always be able to do it all.  So what if the dishes are piling up or the clothes haven't been folded in a week!  As long as my kids are happy, then the dishes can wait! 

Anne WhittyComment