3712 2nd Avenue, Edgewater MD Real Estate Photo Session

I recently photographed a cozy house in Edgewater. The more I photograph in Edgewater, the more I fall in love with it. Edgewater has a West Coast beach vibe. All of the house are so unique. This house was no different. It is a two bedroom, two bathroom cottage with a he/she shed in the backyard. The shed has electricity and water so it makes for the perfect at-home get away. My favorite part of the house is the living room. The house itself is small but the living room and dining room are both set up to maximize the space. The living room has lots of natural light and room to spread out. Here are a few photos from my session.

3712 2nd Avenue Edgewater-33.jpg
3712 2nd Avenue Edgewater-4.jpg
3712 2nd Avenue Edgewater-8.jpg
3712 2nd Avenue Edgewater-16.jpg
3712 2nd Avenue Edgewater-27.jpg
3712 2nd Avenue Edgewater-29.jpg